Semipermanent makeup

Brows are back and enjoying a revival rarely seen before. They are full and glorious, and demanding attention! Brows frame and draw attention to your eyes. Get them right and your whole look comes together. Get them wrong and the whole world will know!
Eyebrows are my signature procedure, having always been a passion of mine.
For those with over-plucked or non-existent brows, a Semi-Permanent Cosmetic Brow procedure may be the ideal solution for you. My attention to detail and sense of colour enables me to create beautiful and exclusively tailored brows. I will design and create for you a beautiful pair of arches with the definition and fullness you desire, to flatter and enhance your facial shape and features.
Semipermanent Cosmetics are a fantastic way of enhancing any of your facial features to which you normally apply make-up, or to correct features compromised by illness or accident. Imagine the luxury of waking up with perfect arches, gorgeously defined eyes and beautifully shaped lips – every day!

Colour theory

I use the principles of colour theory to ensure the final colour of your permanent makeup is correct. As the pigment is applied under the skin, it’s important to combine pigment colour and skin tone to achieve the right final effect. I also use neutralisers to achieve the correct colour balance.


The pigments I use are of the highest quality,cruelty free and heavy metals free which minimises risk of allergy.
During 5 years of experience I have chosen only best and safest brands which are :

  • Biotek
  • PhiBrows
  • Doreme
  • Hanami Novoxx Technology

Skin tones & under tones

The same pigment will look different when used on the various skin tones. Skin tone analysis is an integral part of the consultation process and, combined with colour theory, enables me to determine which pigments to use to get a correct colour balance for your permanent makeup.